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Friday, November 05, 2004

Temporary ceassation of blogging...

Apologies to all readers who haven't heard from me before now. Blogging has temporarily ceased due not only to a zillion papers I haven't started on -- and I haven't started on them for reason #2, and my main reason for ceasing blogging:

I'm pretty sick.

Like, I have laryngitis, a throat infection, a sinus infection, an ear infection and pinkeye.

I have no idea how this happened, I never usually get this way. But the good news is that this is the first time I've left my room in two days, partially because my roommates went to Switzerland for the weekend -- I was supposed to go with them, sigh -- and my suitemates do a very bad job of taking care of the infirm, God bless them.

On the mend, should be functional fairly soon. However, blogging must give way to paper-writing.

I ask for you prayers, please. It's nasty being sick.

The 3rd was the feast of St. Martin DePorress (O.P.) and Sunday is the feast of all Dominican saints. Yaaaaay!


At 9:30 AM, Blogger Lizzy said...

I hope you get well soon!


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