An American In Italy

A semester spent in Europe... Rome, specifically.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Pictures from 10-day!

I have pages and pages of notes, MOST OF WHICH WERE LOST WHEN I LOST MY LITTLE NOTEBOOK IN THE LOVRE! *weeps* Mourn, ye Graces and Loves...

Anyway. But here are some pictures!!!

St. Dominic Drawing -- So we sat in Ciampino airport for a while and I got bored, so I started doodling...
Me and my drawing -- I don't wear glasses, I borrowed them for the picture to look Smart.
Santa Maria del Mar Interior -- Then we went to Barcelona, and here's a cool but dark picture from the interior of the Castilian Gothic church, Santa Maria del Mar. (I'm informed that St. Ignatius of Loyola used to beg on the steps of the church.)
Some piazza somewhere in Barcelona somewhere had some fountain so some person took a picture of some other person (me) in front of this ... somewhere.. place...
Then we went to Madrid. To save you a bunch of building facades (which I found really interesting in Spain), here's a picture of something more important -- me -- in the Plaza del Sol, the exact center of all of Spain.
BUT THEN THE REALLY EXCITING PART. WE went to FRAAAAAAANCE, we went to PAAAAAAARIS!!! I have tons more pictures and stories of Paris, but here are a very few just for now. ME AND THE EIFFEL TOWER!!! I called everybody whose number I had memorized from beneath the Eiffel Tower just to say I'M STANDING UNDERNEATH THE EIFFEL TOWER!!! *hyperventilate*
I'll bet the Whapsters thought they were at Notre Dame. Well they're wrong -- it's an impostor!! :O
And then the next morning I rose bright and early (thought I was going to London -- those plans fell through) and instead, wound up wandering Monmarte... and here is the Basilique du Sacre Coeur. Wonder why it's pinkish? ...
This is why.
And further I went into the basilica just in time to catch the sisters at their morning prayer, sung in beautiful, almost tangible four-part harmony (female voices!). Think Messe Besse by Faure, but lovelier. (Anybody know what order the sisters are? There's one in the picture, way down there...)
The next day we went to the Louvre and guess who I saw there! ;)
I met another one of my Favorites there, though this time I was more familiar with the subject than the painter.
A lesson I learned in France, which must have been taken from the The Scarlet Pimpernel -- no limp cravats. Not one. Anywhere! I took a page out of the Frenchies' book. "They seek him here," wot. (What is that you Frenchies say? Touche? You see I'm a bit of a poet, and you did not know it, wot!) Try to pretend I don't look blah. Zadok prefers to call it "18th century French Statue", but I got "eeewww"
The altarpiece of Francizkanerkirche.
THE BEST beer you will EVER have you will find at Augustinerbrau! There's no gas in it, and it's very strong and made by Augustinian monks! Huzzah, almost ousts Guinness as a favorite beer, even though I can see though it. (Augustiner, that is. Not Guinness, certes) These are two of my three companions Claire and Dan.

And that's all I have right now. Stories later!

Sunday, November 14, 2004

Quick! Quick!! Domincan Stuff in Spain/France

O Fratres,

We're planning our 10-day break right now. I've been absorbed in absolutely everything eXCEPT this, and so I have little idea of real actual places to go. I was really hoping to do something Dominican, seeing as our Holy Father Dominic was born in Caleruega. There's not a whooole lot to see there, but it's a Dominican pilgrimage site!

The point being, I'm having a hard time finding information -- and, erm, I started looking about an hour ago -- finding information on Dominican stuff in Spain/France, and a way to go from Madrid to Caleruega.

Can anyone help me out here?

Monday, November 08, 2004

Vir Italicus

If one spends five minutes around me, one will probably be accosted with my rant against the Italian man. Passed along to me by Zadok, this unposed photo by Ruth Orkin (called "An American Girl in Italy") shows that the staring and leering has apparently been around since at least 1951.

Bleeeeh, Italian men!

Friday, November 05, 2004

Temporary ceassation of blogging...

Apologies to all readers who haven't heard from me before now. Blogging has temporarily ceased due not only to a zillion papers I haven't started on -- and I haven't started on them for reason #2, and my main reason for ceasing blogging:

I'm pretty sick.

Like, I have laryngitis, a throat infection, a sinus infection, an ear infection and pinkeye.

I have no idea how this happened, I never usually get this way. But the good news is that this is the first time I've left my room in two days, partially because my roommates went to Switzerland for the weekend -- I was supposed to go with them, sigh -- and my suitemates do a very bad job of taking care of the infirm, God bless them.

On the mend, should be functional fairly soon. However, blogging must give way to paper-writing.

I ask for you prayers, please. It's nasty being sick.

The 3rd was the feast of St. Martin DePorress (O.P.) and Sunday is the feast of all Dominican saints. Yaaaaay!